CEO Name Kim, Jong Kil
Telephone ☎ +82-31-500-3577
Fax ☎ +82-31-500-3579
Address , Sa-dong, Ansan Si Sangnok-gu, Gyeonggi-do 426-170, Korea
Selling Category [K_060304040000] Silica

[Company Introduction]

We, the E & B Nanotech Co. Ltd., are pressing forward confidently to provide quality products based on modern advanced technology. With our new innovations, we guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. Our products are patented and are also recognized by ISO 9001:2000, INNO-BIZ and NET.

Moreover, we had established joint venture with Chinese company to develop quality products that are distributed to Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Africa and so on. We sure that it will satisfy both buyers and us to supply in a reasonable price. At present, the E & B Nanotech Co. Ltd. has received a special recognition in USA market through the joint venture established by the University of Texas and the Gyeonggi Province (Korea) to enter the USA market.

We would like to say, you will like our products in both price and quality. We hope, your business expands with us. We are going to do our best to prove our passion and trust. If you are interested in our products, please let us know. Don't hesitate, we are going to respond as soon as we hear from you.